Java Service Launcher (for Windows) JSL 0.99p - December 2015

Download here or contact the author at

Will I give support?

Any feedback is welcome. New features will only be added and bugs removed if you report them to me. Simple things can be done in a day (if your are lucky). But don't be surprised if I just answer: "nice idea, don't have time now, can you try it doing this and that and send me the patch'.

I will happily give e-mail support and feedback as long as you acknowledge that I'm a hard working member of our society. I can't guarantee a 2 hour response time and won't care for requests like "help, my project is due tomorrow and I will in trouble if I can't get the service running under Vista". You may phone me, if this channel is more appropriate to discuss the issue at hand. My timezone is Central European. From Monday to Friday I'm generally on the road and might or might not have time, but you can always try on weekends.