Java Service Launcher (for Windows) JSL 0.99p - December 2015

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There is no license required for version 0.9xx of the JSL executable. The software is FREE. Free means you may use or reuse any part of it the software. You may package it with commercial software and use it in commercial and business environments. You may NOT claim copyright for the JSL software and its source code or any parts of the software and source. Any derived work may retain a copyright or be commercialized as long as the JSL parts of it are not covered by this copyright.
You may distribute derived work in executable form and not contain the JSL source code if JSL constitues only a minor part of the intellectual work (in other words, you can take the code and embed it in a Java application you distribute commercially), but you may not charge in particular for or discriminate against or for the use of the parts derived from JSL.

In short words: Keep the spirit of free software up. Use it for your project but do not try to commercialize my work.

Some pieces of the JSL srouce code come from MSDN and SUN Java launcher examples. As far as I can see Microsoft and SUN have granted developers acknowledging their copyright the permission to create redistributable binaries from those sources If you want to extend the JSL source code I recommend you acknowledge the MSDN and SUN license conditions. You probably have done so anyway by downloading Java and using VC++.

This software is supplied AS IS. Sources are supplied for informational purposes for the experienced developer.

Please note that this means:

  • I will not take any liability for any direct or indirect consequences of running JSL on your computer.
  • Please do not use this software in critical environments where human life depends on it. I did NOT run a thorough quality assurance for this software.
  • I cannot guarantee any support or response times.
  • I can offer advice and even consulting if I happen to have time. If you need extensive customizations or extensive QA you will either need to do it yourself or pay me to do it.